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3 Reasons You Should Consider a Charter Flight on Your Next Trip

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There are common misconceptions about charter flights and the most common of course is price. Many travellers believe that charters are only for the wealthy and it's a luxury that they should not even consider. However, for families or groups of people, charter flights are actually one of the most affordable options available. They also offer convenience and a customer experience that commercial airlines are unable to provide.

Below are the three main reasons you should consider hiring a charter flight for your next trip:


Group travel, whether it be with family or friends, is often the most affordable way to travel and this is particularly true with charter flights. Like most group adventures, having everyone chip in saves travellers from having to spend more money if they were to go it alone. With a charter flight, you're given a lump sum of what it would be to purchase the services of the plane and its crew for any given amount of time. There are no individual seat or bag charges. The more people who travel with you, the cheaper your flight will be. If you have a family with multiple children, a charter flight will often come out to being more cost effective as well.


Flights are at your discretion and convenience. Rather than booking multiple flights, which is particularly difficult and expensive when travelling in large groups, you're able to arrange for the best time for you. Also, charter flights are non-stop, allowing for everyone to arrive at the destination at the same time and with no hassle.

Customer Experience

For instance, when you're crammed onto a large flight with commercial airlines, you're often just another face in the crowd for the crew and the workers you come in contact with at the airport. While this doesn't necessarily mean your service won't be good or you won't have an easy ride, it certainly does mean that you won't be special. For a charter flight, this isn't the case.

On a private charter, you are the lone customer. The crew is completely at your disposal, there to cater to your every need throughout the flight. There is no sitting next to complete strangers or having one parent have to sit separate from the rest of the family due to seat bookings. Instead, you are made to feel comfortable and relaxed with the space being all your own.