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Hiring a Charter Bus for Your Work Outing

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If you are hiring a charter bus for a work outing it is important to cross off a few criteria so that your boss will approve of the outing in no time at all. Buses are a great environment for workers to mingle together and get in the mood for a more open and team building en Insurance It is a good idea to check with your company if the company’s workers compensation and public liability insurance. Read More»

What The Freight Transportation Industry Is Doing To Lessen Its Impact On The Environment

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On a daily basis, thousands of people employ trucks to transport goods for them. Whether it is for personal goods, or business goods, the freight industry is booming. However, today’s society is moving towards making choices based not only on cost and speed, but also based on their impact on the environment. This can be used as a personal ethos by individuals, or by business’ who want to do their bit to help. Read More»