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Questions You Need to Ensure You Ask Your Wedding Car Company

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When hiring a car or limousine for any occasion, of course it's important to you that you get a clean, quality car and that you know everything involved in the rental. However, when it comes to your wedding day, it's even more important that you shop around and find the right car and know what's involved in its use; an inconvenience or disappointment on your wedding day can be much more memorable than one during any other day! Note a few questions to ask to ensure your wedding car or limo hire company is the right one for you and there are no surprises on your big day.

Ask how the driver will be dressed

A limousine company may not provide someone in a tuxedo, but a driver should at least be in a black suit and tie. You may want someone with white gloves and a black cap or some other accessories, but don't assume that this is how the person will be dressed. If the company sends a female driver, you might also want to ensure that they are not dressed as if they are going out clubbing with you! Always ask about the attire of the driver and ensure you get someone that will look professional, neat, polished, and presentable.

Ask if they charge by the mileage, by the hour, or by the event

You might rent a limousine for a full day and the company might include unlimited mileage, or they may charge you by the hour no matter your destination. On the other hand, they may offer a reservation of so many hours but actually charge by the mileage you put on the car during that time. Knowing these differences and how they charge you might affect the route you take, how long you keep the car hire, and so on; be sure you know this up front so you can adjust your plans accordingly.

Note what their insurance policy covers

A car company's insurance will cover damage to their vehicle, but what about personal injuries to anyone riding in the car during an accident? What if your wedding dress gets caught in the door and torn? Will it pay for repairs and restoration of the dress? If you leave something behind in the car such as a camera or cash you were carrying, will they cover this loss, and if so, how much? Be sure you ask about this as you may want to carry additional insurance for your wedding day in case of such accidents.