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Hiring a Charter Bus for Your Work Outing

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If you are hiring a charter bus for a work outing it is important to cross off a few criteria so that your boss will approve of the outing in no time at all. Buses are a great environment for workers to mingle together and get in the mood for a more open and team building en


It is a good idea to check with your company if the company's workers compensation and public liability insurance. In some cases the excursion may be covered as the work outing is considered as part of the working day, and in other cases it may not be if the outing is considered to be occurring out of standard working conditions. In this case it would be worth siting the charter buses insurances to ensure that your employees are covered throughout. 

Access Issues

If anyone in your workforce has the potential to have issues getting on and off a bus, such as wheelchair or crutches use you'll need to make sure the bus is still accessible to them, in a similar way to a standard workplace modification. Bear in mind if you are planning this excursions a while out, there is always a chance someone may end up breaking a leg or needing a knee reconstruction by the time the trip comes around, so be sure to have a backup plan in mind anyway!

Safety First

Be sure that any bookings you make are in line with your company policy on bus travel. If you work for a large global company there is a possibility that the company policies can be over and above regulatory requirements such as a requiring a seatbelt for each passenger in some larger mining companies.

Sufficient Room

For comfort you may chose to hire a bus that has more seats than the number of people going on the excursion. Not only does this provide some space for larger bodies to sit by themselves or have a snooze, it also gives you some flexibility if another working department decides to send some of their workers on your excursion as well.

With some planning, a charter bus (like those from Vics Maxi Transport) can be a great way to get to an excursion in an efficient and affordable and fun way. If you prepare a suitable business case covering off the points above, along with your budget, your boss is sure to sign off on the excursion.